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Change is the Juice of Life

Reinventing the look and feel of your brand across the various media it inhabits can be one of the hardest – and most rewarding – endeavors a company can undertake, as cold-pressed-juice company Living Greens discovered.



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Breaking free of a leaf-on-wheels logo that confused more than it informed, Living Greens imbued its website, print collateral and other materials with a sense of the freshness of its ingredients, and the vitality that consumption of its juices conveyed. “We actually looked at farmers’ markets, smaller local companies and the farm stand,” says Noise 13 Founder and Creative Director Dava Guthmiller. “One of the founders is a surfer as well, so we looked at a lot of surf brands and things that kind of recreated their personality as a couple.”





Author: Sabine Lenz

Sabine Lenz is the founder of PaperSpecs, THE online source for paper information, inspiration and insights. A graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience in Germany, Australia and the United States, she writes frequently for several industry publications and is also a speaker on paper and related topics.

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