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At Storyboard, you’ll find inspiring projects that play smartly across print and the digital world. And if your project is equally inspiring, well, you’ll find that one here, too. (The thing is, you need to tell us about it, preferably by using the form below.)

Each week we take readers behind-the-scenes of some of the best projects, from concept to completion. You’ll always find something to admire, occasionally something to borrow (*cough* steal). It’s like story time at your house…with more CMYK and QR codes.

What’s in it for you?
In addition to receiving exposure for your work (and the admiration of your peers), once a month the Storyboard team picks a project that we know our readers simply have to see in video form to fully appreciate. Getting your work filmed as part of our Case Stories in Motion feature gives you primo bragging rights, and even more exposure to potential clients.

P.S. Note that Storyboard features case stories of VMA members only. If you are not a member yet, why not sign up here today?

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