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Double Six Design

Double Six Design specializes in creating or revitalizing branding and package design for retail consumer brands. Our experience extends from food & beverages to personal care categories. We are located in Oakland, CA.

Challenge. 1) Create a cohesive brand that can communicate the BTTR mission to “make food personal again, one family at a time.” 2) Create a visual language that can connect their 2 very different products and be equally successful in Whole Foods, PetCo, Nordstrom and Home Depot. 3) Quickly communicate their unique & innovative products to consumers on shelf.

Solution. We leveraged Back to the Root’s previous use of kraft substrate and hand-drawn typography, but introduced a bold, modern color palette and whimsical illustration to appeal to all ages. The product photography with supporting information graphics and a very clear communication hierarchy is integral to communicating their products at-a-glance.


Challenge. Sausage company Silva was quickly being surpassed by new players. Their artisanal and traditional recipes should have had them standing clear of the competition, but a dated brand held them back.

Solution. To help Silva re-discover its heritage, we channeled their founder, Manuel Martins. “Tradition is our recipe” was Manuel’s motto, and that tradition still underlies each product Manuel’s sons ship. A minor evolution of the Silva logo energized the brand without sacrificing any equity. In the revision, bold colors and modern typography contrast with earthy, aged backgrounds. This adds a texture and richness to match Silva’s traditional recipes.