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Our Story

When you have a hammer, they say, everything is a nail. And for decades creative types have, consciously or not, taken that same approach. If you’re a print designer, you’ve found the best ways to convey your clients’ wishes in print, while web designers have taken a similar approach online.



The Storyboard Story
But in recent years the walls that have separated the print and digital worlds have crumbled, with more and more communications professionals compelled to take a broader, more holistic approach to “getting the message out”.

The print focused are experimenting with augmented reality, apps and special online content, and the Web-savvy are rediscovering the attention-getting qualities of print. Both have a great deal to learn from each other.

That’s where we come in.

Storyboard is a new approach to covering the creative world  across all media, with a focus on the one thing that creatives of every stripe hold in common: a need to tell a story in the most efficient and creative way possible.

Storyboard is a place to share ideas, get help, get inspired, and show off your creative work – regardless of medium. Here you’ll find inspiring projects that play smartly across the print and digital worlds. And if your project is equally inspiring, well, you’ll find that one here, too.

There’s a lot to see on the site, but here’s the 10 cent tour to get you started:

Case Stories – Each week we take readers behind-the-scenes of one the best cross-media projects, from concept to completion. You’ll always find something to admire, and occasionally something to borrow (**cough** steal).

Case Videos – Occasionally we’ll find a project that we know you simply have to see in motion to fully appreciate, and here’s where you’ll find it. Getting your work featured in video form gives you primo bragging rights.

The Storyboard Lookbook – This is probably our most loved feature, and rightly so. Simply put, it’s the creative industry’s “Little Black Book of People Who Can Get @#$ Done”. Need someone who can whip up a quality app in a hurry because your client’s suddenly decided they need one? Hit the Lookbook, search under “apps”, and look through the best work of fellow Storyboarders until you find someone you want to work with. Click contact, promise them the moon, and you’re done. And naturally other Storyboarders can throw business your way, too.