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About VMA and our Partners

Occasionally people are disappointed to discover that though we are many things to many people, VMA is sadly not the Video Music Awards. What we are is the Visual Media Alliance. And with our partners, PIASC and PIASD, we are a lifeline to every print, Web and marketing business in California.

If your company needs deep discounts on health insurance, payroll services, software and office supplies, you just found your connection. If you need to bone up on the latest software through hands-on workshops and webinars, we’ve got you covered.

So if you want the clout and support you get by being part of an enormous alliance of media and marketing professionals just like you, we would be proud to count you as a VMA member.

Founding Partner:

Visual Media Alliance
(800) 659 3363

Our Partners:

Printing Industries of Southern California
(323) 728 9500

Printing Industries of San Diego
(858) 800 6900