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Check in for a Chicken Photo Shoot

We’ve been on hand for some interesting photo shoots in our time, but you haven’t lived until you’ve groomed some certified show chickens for their close-ups. In the video above, MINE studio founder Christopher Simmons takes you behind the scenes of the making of Roostertail’s iconic chicken portrait, and reveals something about the decor design we’re pretty sure no one would figure out on their own. (Really Christopher, we’re THIS close to putting money on that.)

And once you’ve tired of hanging out with the chicks, check out the exclusive Storyboard video on the entire cross-media design for Roostertail here. (But really, who could tire of hanging out with chickens?)

Author: Aaron Berman

A former writer and editor for USA Today, Aaron Berman is also the editor of PaperSpecs, and covered the newspaper industry for the Newspaper Association of America’s monthly magazine, Presstime.

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