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Instagram the New Go-to Site?

Facebook may be in the process of holding us all to ransom (the gory details can be found here), but what about the photo site it gobbled up a couple years back? According to Forrester Research, engagement on Instagram is about 60 times higher than on Facebook.

“What does this higher engagement rate look like in practice? Last month, Red Bull posted a video of a unique snowboarding half-pipe on both Facebook and Instagram,” [Forrester Research’s Nate] Elliott wrote in a blog post. “A few days later, we noted that the brand’s 43 million Facebook fans had liked the video just 2,600 times (a 0.006% likes-per-fan rate), while its 1.2 million Instagram followers had liked the video more than 36,000 times (a 3% likes-per-follower rate).”

While nothing’s keeping Facebook from doing to Instagram what it did to its own site, few marketers can afford to ignore social-media traction like this.



Author: Aaron Berman

A former writer and editor for USA Today, Aaron Berman is also the editor of PaperSpecs, and covered the newspaper industry for the Newspaper Association of America’s monthly magazine, Presstime.

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