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Why Cross Media

Back in the Cold War days, the theaters were filled with spy movies in which one secret agent would follow another cross-country as his target slipped deftly from car to train to plane to ship, always one step ahead.



Today, whatever your business, your audience has become as slippery as that trench-coated agent of mystery.

We live in a digitally-connected world in which consumers slip from one media channel to the next, and operate on multiple channels at once.

They’re checking social media while standing in the retail aisle, and scanning QR codes on product tags to read customer reviews before making a purchase. They are tweeting and pinning and “Liking” on Facebook via their iPad.


All the while they’re watching television and using smartphones to check in with Foursquare, or to join a loyalty program to receive an email coupon moments before ordering from a restaurant menu. Like that ubiquitous Visa slogan, they are everywhere you want to be.

Naturally, your clients want to be everywhere their customers want to be, too. No longer is it enough to create the perfect direct-mail piece, video, website or app.

To capture the attention of any one demographic, you must either make every campaign a cross-media one, or cross them off your list completely.


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